Felted Fiercies

Felted Fiercies are a range of very special monsters.  I hope one day they will be able to give comfort to those who need it.

Felted Fiercies are talismans – little defenders and bringers of comfort to those who suffer from invisible illnesses and mental health problems.  They serve the purpose to destigmatise and bring awareness to issues that many people throughout the world have to live with each day.  After all, we all have our monsters.

The Fiercies need to serve 3 purposes:

  1. They must be a monster, and preferably one that represents the issue in some way.
  2. They must be a bit cute.
  3. They must either be comforting to the sufferer or fierce enough to act as a defender against the issue.

If nothing else I hope the Fiercies will bring a smile to someone who is struggling in one way or another.  Something cute to bring them cheer, or as a gift from someone who wants to let the sufferer know ‘we feel your pain and even if we can’t help you we want you to know we understand and we love you.’  The Fiercies are not available for sale as yet, but I hope they will be soon.

Along with invisible illnesses and mental health issues there are also some Fiercies who represent more every-day struggles and moods.  I want to state that I do not intend to give the impression that I consider these more ‘mood’ related issues as quite as serious as mental health issues, and I do not wish to trivialise more debilitating mental health issues by comparing them to something that may be considered a little more trivial.  However, I still feel such Fiercies have a place in this range as it is not for any of us to judge the problems of others, and they may still be serious problems to those who experience them.  The pain of one person does not lessen the pain of another.

To all those who have come to this page and do suffer from any problem that causes them or their loved ones sadness or pain, I send my heartfelt love to you and wish you a speedy recovery if it exists and, if not, I wish that the good days outnumber the bad a million times over.

You are all loved x

Cooloo, the Self-Esteem Fiercy

Cooloo, The Self-Esteem Fiercy

Cooloo, The Self-Esteem Fiercy

Meet Cooloo, the Felted Fiercy for self-esteem.  Cooloo doesn’t exactly fit the mermaid mold.  She’s got fangs.  She’s green.  She’s somewhat frog-like.

 She parps like nobody’s business.
This matters diddly-squat to our intrepid little hero.  Nobody has the right to tell her who she is, and she won’t let anyone make her feel like she’s worthless.  She has as value to the world as anyone else.
Cooloo believes in you.  She knows you can DO THE THING!  After all, if this ugly little monster can believe that she’s a beautiful mermaid then you can do anything you want.
You’re not going to argue with Cooloo, are you?  Why?  Why would you do that?

Effie, the Fibromyalgia Fiercy

Effie, the Fibromyalgia Fiercy

Effie, the Fibromyalgia Fiercy

This Felted Fiercy is very special to me. Effie is the Fiercy for Fibromyalgia. As a 6-year sufferer of this horrible illness, I was inspired to start making my Felted Fiercies range by my own experiences.

Effie is patient and carefully poised, because she has to be so careful with her movements. She is decorated in soothing colours, including the purple that is often associated with fibromyalgia, tracing a pattern down her back to symbolise the pain flowing through her body. The blue patterns under her eyes represent tears, and she has no back legs because, y’know, immobility.

Lep, the social anxiety or shyness fiercy

Lep, the Social Anxiety or Shyness Fiercy

Lep, the Social Anxiety or Shyness Fiercy

Lep doesn’t really want to be here. Quite frankly she would rather be anywhere else. Whenever she’s around too many people she feels tall and gangly and stupid – like she’s not good enough.

If only she knew how much she is worth.

Lep is covered in a soft alpaca blend, because she is fragile and dainty, and she wishes she could just blow away in the breeze.

Buttermon, The Confidence Fiercy

Buttermon, the Confidence Fiercy

Buttermon, the Confidence Fiercy

Is Buttermon a dinosaur? A mer-thing? Some odd little piskie creature? It’s hard to be sure, but Buttermon knows who she is and she’s going to hold her head high and meet your gaze ‘cos nobody, I mean nobody, is going to make her feel like a monster.

Trubble, the Anxiety Fiercy

Trubble, the Anxiety Fiercy

Trubble, the Anxiety Fiercy

Here comes Trubble!

Trubble’s a tough little guy, which is good.  Well, it’s what you want when you suffer from chronic anxiety.  When you’re being bombarded with intrusive thoughts all day every day sometimes all you want is for someone to give you a big squidge and say ‘these thoughts aren’t real – let me scare them away and chomp on all your fears.’

Just give him a jelly baby every now and then.  Trubbles love jelly babies.

Apple Boo, the M.E. fiercy

Apple Boo, the M.E. Fiercy

Apple Boo, the M.E. Fiercy

Some of the Fiercies will fight for you, and some of them will chivvy you on.  Apple Boo offers a different type of support.  A quieter, gentler form of support.
When you’ve got M.E. it’s a struggle.  Sometimes your mind wants to work when your body just won’t.  Other times your mind and your body are on exactly the same page – unfortunately it’s the page that says ‘ugh’, and neither of them are going to want to work for you.  The best you can do is rest, or drift, or lie down in a darkened room and wait for the time that your strength will return.
Sucks, huh?
Apple Boo isn’t going to force you to fight or chase the badduns away because sadly it’s just not like that.  Apple Boo knows that you will be up and at ’em just as soon as you can, but until then he’s just going to lie down next to you in the dark and keep nice and still and quiet.  He’s there if you need him, just waiting, and trying to give you comfort.
This, one day, will pass.

Lulu, The Depression Fiercy

Lulu, the Depression Fiercy

Lulu, the Depression Fiercy

Lulu is a sarcastic little Fiercy at times.  Like, for example, when people describe those who are depressed as being a bit blue.  It’s a bit more than that, isn’t it – being depressed.  Lulu likes to mock those who are so dismissive of other people’s personal struggles. That’s why she’s blue.  It’s her little joke.

Lulu is heavy set (and gorgeous with it) because sometimes being depressed feels like you’re carrying a heavy weight around with you all day, every day, and she wants to help you carry it.  And she’s put on her very best socks just for you, because even on the worst of days there’s still the possibility of rainbows.

One Of A Kind Fiercies

Chuchi, the Fiercy for Dani

Chuchi, the Fiercy for Dani


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